We clean and you relax !

Our experienced cleaner give your place a brillant clean!
And you relax and enjoy your extra time.

Our priority is the training, that is why our team is trained by an expatriate experienced in professional maintenance and training…

We want to seduce our costumers with our knowledge

A clean, fresh appearance is more inviting for customers, which helps a business retain and increase its load of clients.

We could make your company more attractive to prospective clients!

Our skilled staff allows to ensure each mission you will entrusted
Our employees are dynamic and know the work

The sponges and clothes we use are and individual use

We perform high quality cleaning

in houses and offices.

We Clean

Our trained cleaners arrive to give your home a high quality clean.

You Relax

Now you relax and enjoy extra time while your house is getting a fresh new look !

We offer professional cleaning services with competitive pricing.

USD 6,00 per hour for one cleaner

You pay only for the actual time worked

Contact us :

Phone : +855 98 419 956 (Khmer / English / Français)

List of tasks we do in all rooms

Remove cobweb in whole house

Remove dust on furnitures, statue, wooden things, frames, make up table

Collect garbage in whole house

Vacuum and mop (we change often the water)

Living Room

Storing sofa and pillows


Watering plants and flowers


Washing and storing dishes

Clean and degreaser stove and microwave

Clean and degreaser working plate

Washing fridge once a month


Clean an disinfect sanitaries, sink, toilets and shower

Clean and disinfect taps and water outlets

Clean and polish mirror

Clean and disinfect the walls once a month

coworking office


Offer your company a better and safer place to work.

Make your office a good venue for your clients.

Contact us & get a quote in the next 24 hours :

Phone : +855 98 419 956 (Khmer / English / Français)
Mail : info@nadafa-cleaning.com